Occupational Health Nurse, Globalport Agusan

Job Description:

1. Develop and implement health and safety programs in collaboration with the Company Physician and under the direction of the Administrative Manager.
2. Provide emergency treatment in the workplace and administer over-the-counter medication to employees.
3. Create a clean, and comfortable sickbay area and isolation areas for suspected Covid 19 case.
4. Promote healthy eating and wellness programs.
5. Document all employee injury and illness and keep this information confidential.
6. Improve the health of employees through on-going programs and health checks.
7. Develop strategies to ensure maximum employee work input.
8. Conduct Anti Gen Testing or other Covid 19 – related tests except RT PCR Testing.
9. Leads contact tracing activity for employees exposed to a Covid Positive employee.
10. Monitor condition of employees under isolation or quarantine.
11. Refer employees to nearest hospitals or clinics for health concerns which need further evaluation.
12. Monitor the Pre-Employment Medical Exam and Annual Physical Exam results and other medical reports or diagnosis of employees and endorse to the Company Physician if needed.

Qualifications and Job Requirements:

Educational Attainment: A bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

License and Certification: A professional license in Nursing, preferably with an OHNAP/BOSH certification.

Work Experience: At least 2 years of work experience as a nurse, clinic nurse, or company nurse.

Key Competencies:

1. Knowledge of legal health and safety guidelines under DOLE-OSH standards.
2. Excellent workplace knowledge and skills in emergency healthcare-related issues.
3. Ethics and confidentiality.
4. Comprehensive training in Occupational Health & Safety.

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