Globalport Ozamiz Conducts Handog Kabuhayan Livelihood Program

November 6, 2023  – Globalport Ozamiz Terminal Inc. conducted its livelihood program entitled “Handog Kabuhayan: Free Training on Hand and Foot Care Services” to the residents of Brgy. Baybay Triunfo, and immediate family members of GOTI and Richland (manpower support). A seasoned TESDA-accredited trainer, Ms. Ana Delvie Suan, facilitated the training of 20 participants on proper procedures for doing manicures, pedicures, and foot spas. 2 participants were selected and awarded prizes for excelling in hand and foot care. The training concluded with the handing of certificates and photo ops. together with the City Health representative.

Balik Eskuwela: A Globalport Corporate Social Responsibility Program

PORT OF ZAMBOANGA –On 30 August 2023, the Globalport Zamboanga Terminal Inc. (“Globalport”) conducted its Balik Eskwela Program (BEP) at the Canelar Integrated School located at Barangay Canelar, Zamboanga City.

The Canelar Integrated School was the chosen beneficiary of the BEP: A Corporate Social Responsibility Program of Globalport. A total of one hundred (100) pupils and students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 was selected, and most of them are one of the hundreds of fire victims whose houses were razed during a conflagration on 20 August 2023 at the same barangay.

During the distribution, the CIS, headed by their School Principal, Mrs. Anna Liza Dela Zerna-Martin, prepared a simple yet meaningful program to express their gratitude to Globalport. The beneficiaries were handed a set of school supplies and partnered with simple snack to fill their stomach.

3rd Quarter Mangrove Tree Planting: A Globalport Corporate Social Responsibility Program

PORT OF ZAMBOANGA – Globalport Zamboanga Terminal Inc. (“Globalport”) conducted its 3rd Quarter Mangrove Tree Planting at the Mangrove Rehabilitation Area in Barangay Talabaan on 26 August 2023.

Once again, together with its Management Committee members, managers, supervisors, and selected employees, the Globalport joins the DENR – Community Environment and Natural Resources Office Zamboanga City, in its campaign towards eco-sustainability. Globalport planted another 2,000 mangrove propagules as part of the Globalport’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and efforts toward giving back to the environment.

Globalport Davao’s Balik Eskuwela Initiative: Fostering Education And Community Engagement

On August 16, 2023, Globalport Davao reaffirmed its commitment to local communities by organizing a heartwarming event that touched the lives of a hundred young students. The Balik Eskuwela activity, held at F. Bangoy Central Elementary School in Barangay Sasa, marked a significant step in Globalport’s ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, aimed at making a positive impact on the lives of those it serves.

Education stands as a cornerstone of personal development and community progress. Recognizing this, Globalport Davao orchestrated a thoughtful gesture to kick-start the academic journey of young minds. A hundred students were bestowed with essential school supplies, setting the stage for a promising and successful school year ahead.

The event, held at the picturesque setting of F. Bangoy Central Elementary School in Barangay Sasa, radiated enthusiasm and excitement. The children, accompanied by parents and teachers, were greeted by the Globalport team with warm smiles and an ambiance of shared joy. The event was not just a material offering but also a celebration of the value of education and the potential it holds for shaping the future.

Globalport’s Balik Eskuwela initiative is more than just a philanthropic act; it is a testament to the company’s commitment to being a responsible corporate entity. Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond profit margins; it encapsulates the belief that businesses can and should be catalysts for positive change in the communities they operate in. Globalport’s dedication to this principle is palpable through initiatives like these, which bridge the gap between business objectives and community needs.

The event at F. Bangoy Central Elementary School is a noteworthy example of how businesses can contribute meaningfully to society. By empowering young learners with the tools they need, Globalport Davao is fostering an environment where education is accessible and equitable, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds. This, in turn, aligns with larger societal goals of empowering the youth and cultivating a skilled and educated workforce.

As the students received their school supplies – notebooks, pens, pencils, and other essentials – their faces lit up with excitement, reflecting the impact that such acts of kindness can have on impressionable minds. The event not only alleviated some financial burden from parents but also instilled a sense of motivation and enthusiasm in the students to embark on their academic journeys with vigor.

Globalport Davao’s Balik Eskuwela activity serves as a reminder that a corporation’s role transcends its balance sheets. It is a beacon of hope that illuminates the path toward a brighter future for communities. By embracing initiatives that contribute to education and community development, businesses like Globalport exemplify the true essence of Corporate Social Responsibility – creating a symbiotic relationship between business success and societal well-being.

Globalport Davao Volunteers Donate Blood at PMO Davao 48th Anniversary

The Philippine Ports Authority, PMO- Davao celebrated its 46th anniversary last April 1, 2023. One of the programs lined up for the said occasion is a bloodletting activity that happened last March 30, 2023 at around 8:00 AM at the PMO Davao GAD Center. It is in partnership with Red Cross Davao Chapter. As support, GP Davao sent 10 volunteers to be part of the said activity.

Globalport Zamboanga Holds Its First Annual Medical Mission

Globalport Zamboanga Terminal Inc. (GZTI) conducted a medical mission for over 100 kids in Barangay Zone IV, Zamboanga City last December 16, 2022.

Among the services provided were free medical consultation and check-up for kids, ages 3-10 years old led by Joshua Manahan, company doctor. Free medicines, sanitary kits with toothbrush, towel, face masks and alcohol were also given to the kids. Toys, loot bags and porridge for all were also distributed as part of the said activity.

The medical mission project aims to bring medical aid close to people residing within the port community. It is the company’s way to give back to the community who embraced Globalport Zamboanga since its takeover of the Port of Zamboanga last July, 2021.

Doctor Joshua Manahan performing check-ups to one of the kids in the medical mission.

General Manager Eugene A. Bandayrel Jr. and GZTI Mancom in action.

Globalport Ozamiz Holds Its First Medical Mission

On 17 December 2022, Globalport Ozamiz Terminal Inc. conducted a medical outreach program for the benefit of over 100 kids ages 6 to 12 years old from Brgy. Baybay Triunfo, Ozamiz City. The program is part of a series of corporate social responsibility activities of Globalport Ozamiz under its banner program “ Globalport Cares” which is aimed at providing services that will benefit the community surrounding the Port of Ozamiz.

The 1 – day activity which was held at the covered court of Brgy. Baybay Triunfo was well-attended by the barangay council, the barangay health workers and security, the City Health of Ozamiz, partner nurses and doctors from Tobias- Feliciano Faith General Hospital, Inc., employees from Globalport Ozamiz, with the support from the Philippine Ports Authority – PMO Ozamiz/ Misamis

The children were given free medical consultation, medicines, vitamins, hygiene kits, food, and were treated to various fun activities during the outreach program.