3rd Quarter Mangrove Tree Planting: A Globalport Corporate Social Responsibility Program

PORT OF ZAMBOANGA – Globalport Zamboanga Terminal Inc. (“Globalport”) conducted its 3rd Quarter Mangrove Tree Planting at the Mangrove Rehabilitation Area in Barangay Talabaan on 26 August 2023.

Once again, together with its Management Committee members, managers, supervisors, and selected employees, the Globalport joins the DENR – Community Environment and Natural Resources Office Zamboanga City, in its campaign towards eco-sustainability. Globalport planted another 2,000 mangrove propagules as part of the Globalport’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and efforts toward giving back to the environment.

Globalport Matnog Facilitates Another Successful Tree Planting Activity

Globalport Matnog Terminal Inc., in collaboration with the Philippine Ports Authority Terminal Management Office in Matnog (PPA TMO- Matnog), Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), Philippine National Police (PNP), Bantay Dagat Quick Response Team (BAQ), Department of Environment and Natural Resources- Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (DENR- PENRO), and esteemed officials from Barangay Hid- Hid, Matnog, Sorsogon, joyfully concluded our highly successful and impactful 2nd Tree Planting Project on July 13 , 2023. This noteworthy endeavor took place at the beautiful and environmentally significant Brgy. Hid- Hid in Matnog, Sorsogon.

This year, under the inspiring theme ” ISANG PUNO, ISANG BUHAY” (One Tree, One Life), Globalport Matnog effectively planted a grand total of 1,000 indigenous trees. This significant achievement filled the team with immense pride and motivation to strive further in its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability. With resolute determination, Team GP Matnog has set its sights on an even loftier goal of reaching a remarkable milestone of 10,000 planted trees by the close of 2023.

The dedicated members of our team embarked on their ascent towards the designated land area promptly at 6:00 am, braving the elements and unforeseen challenges along the way. Despite contending with a treacherous route compounded by heavy rainfall, their indomitable spirit prevailed, enabling them to conquer all obstacles and fulfill their mission with resounding success. Against all odds, they proudly accomplished the planting of all 1,000 trees by the stroke of 10:00 am, leaving an enduring legacy of natural beauty and environmental rejuvenation.

With each tree we plant, Team Globalport Matnog foster a greener and more sustainable future, one that promises a wealth of benefits for generations to come. Together, hand in hand, we forge ahead on this noble journey, driven by our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and the preservation of our natural treasures.

Globalport Agusan Holds Its 2nd Tree Planting of The Year

Globalport Agusan Terminal Inc. (GATI) took a significant step towards environmental conservation by organizing a successful tree planting activity at Mt. Kasunugan in Nasipit, Agusan del Norte. On June 23, 2023, representatives from various organizations, including the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), Community Environment and Natural Resources Office – Department of Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO- DENR), Richland/ MSP, and GATI employees, came together to plant 1,000 Mangium seedlings.

The participants gathered at the base of Mt. Kasunugan in the early hours of the morning, equipped with tools and determination. Despite the challenging terrain, they embarked on a trek to the designated planting site, driven by their shared commitment to combat biodiversity loss and protect the environment. GATI’s involvement in this tree planting activity aligned with the theme of the Philippine Environment Month, which focused on “Go Wild for Life, Combat Biodiversity Loss.”

GATI expressed its satisfaction in contributing to this significant cause and emphasized the support of i its management through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. By organizing such initiatives and collaborating with governmental and non-governmental entities, GATI demonstrates its dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainability. The successful tree planting activity at Mt. Kasunugan serves as a testament to GATI’ s commitment to creating a greener future and inspiring others to engage in similar endeavors.

Globalport Tacloban Holds Its First Mangrove Tree Planting

Globalport Tacloban Terminal Inc. (GTTI) proudly organized and executed a highly successful Mangrove Planting Activity on the morning of June 27, 2023, at Brgy. San Juan, Sta. Rita, Samar. The event garnered the participation and support of various esteemed organizations, including the local government of Sta. Rita Samar under the leadership of Mayor Jade Kie Tiu, MENRO- DENR, PNP 805th Manuever Company RMFB 8 Tacloban, and the Department of Tourism Region 8. Additionally, employees from GTTI also actively contributed to the initiative.
With a shared vision of environmental sustainability and the preservation of natural habitats, the participants planted an impressive total of 1,200 mangrove propagules during the event. Mangroves, often referred to as ” nature’ s superheroes,” are vital coastal ecosystems that provide numerous benefits to the environment and local communities.

The planting activity served as a proactive measure to address the pressing environmental challenges faced by the region, particularly in coastal areas. Mangroves play a crucial role in protecting shorelines from erosion, acting as a natural buffer against storm surges and tsunamis. Their extensive root systems t rap sediment and stabilize the soil, preventing coastal erosion and preserving the integrity of nearby communities. Furthermore, mangroves actively combat climate change by absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This natural carbon sequestration ability makes them invaluable in mitigating the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the impact of global warming.

The Mangrove Planting Activity organized by GTTI and its partners not only exemplifies their commitment to corporate social responsibility but also highlights the importance of collaborative efforts in environmental conservation. By bringing together government agencies, local communities, and private entities, the initiative demonstrates a collective determination to preserve and restore fragile ecosystems for future generations.

Globalport Davao Holds Its 2nd Mangrove Tree Planting Activity

June 3, 2023 – BUNAWAN DISTRICT, DAVAO CITY – Recognizing the importance of preserving and restoring these valuable habitats, Globalport Davao Terminal Inc., in collaboration with various stakeholders, organized a remarkable mangrove tree planting event. With the theme ” Growing Together: Community- led Restoration of Mangrove Forests,” this initiative aimed to raise awareness and actively engage participants in the conservation of our coastal ecosystems.

On the morning of June 3, 2023, the participants gathered at Bunawan District in Davao City, eager to make a positive impact on the environment. Among the participants were dedicated employees from Globalport, representatives from the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), Kings Coop, and the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO). Their collective efforts would see the planting of 350 mangrove seedlings, marking an important step towards the restoration of the local mangrove forests.

Globalport Davao Terminal Inc. plans to continue supporting similar initiatives in the future, reinforcing their commitment to environmental sustainability and empowering local communities. By working hand in hand with various stakeholders, they are setting a commendable example of corporate social responsibility and fostering a greener, more resilient future for Davao City and its coastal areas.

Globalport Davao Holds Its First Coastal Clean Up Drive

Globalport Davao, in partnership with various organizations, conducted a successful Coastal Cleanup Drive on April 29, 2023, in the Bunawan District of Davao City. The cleanup drive was participated in by volunteers from Globalport Davao- Port Management of Davao, Philippine Ports Authority, Z. C. Kings Manpower & Janitorial Services Cooperative, and Vertex Maritime International Trading Inc.

The volunteers collected a truckload of various types of garbage, including plastic waste, debris, and other pollutants that have accumulated along the coastlines. This significant amount of waste collected during the activity highlights the importance of continuing such initiatives to preserve the environment and mitigate climate change.

Globalport Davao’s Coastal Cleanup Drive is part of the organization’s efforts and commitment to protecting the environment. The company understands the critical role that it plays in maintaining the balance between economic progress and environmental protection. Globalport is aware of the negative impact of industrial activities on the environment and are taking concrete steps to address this issue.

In line with this commitment, Globalport Davao plans to hold another coastal cleanup in September 2023, along with all the other Globalport ports in celebration of International Coastal Cleanup. This annual event brings together millions of volunteers worldwide to clean up beaches and waterways and raise awareness about the importance of protecting our oceans and marine life.

The success of the Coastal Cleanup Drive in Bunawan District of Davao City demonstrates the collective efforts of individuals and organizations to preserve the environment. It is a reminder that we all have a role to play in protecting the planet and that small actions can make a big difference. The Globalport family will be rolling out more CSR activities as part of its commitment to help achieve a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Globalport Ozamiz Holds Its First Coastal Clean Up Drive

On April 18, 2023, Globalport Ozamiz participated in a Coastal Clean Up drive initiated by the Coast Guard District Northern Mindanao @24 entitled “Navigating the way and anchoring unity towards excellence.” Among the volunteers and participants were from Philippine Naval Reserve Command, Philippine Navy, Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, PNP Maritime Police, Globalport Ozamiz Terminal Inc., Alpha Kappa Rho and Tau Gamma Phi Fraternities, City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office, Solid Waste and Environment Management Office, Philippine Statistics Office and the barangay officials. The cleanup drive was held at Doña Consuelo Coastal Area, Ozamiz City. Volunteers spent the whole morning picking up assorted non-recyclable materials on the shoreline. Approximately half a ton of garbage was collected that day. Globalport Ozamiz along with the other Globalport ports will roll out more sustainable and CSR- driven activities as part of its commitment to help and support the surrounding communities across all its port locations.

Globalport Surigao Plants 1,600 Seedlings

On March 31, 2023, Globalport Surigao successfully conducted its Tree Planting Activity for the 1st quarter of 2023 at the adopted site in Sitio Tinagbasingan, Brgy. Mat- I, Surigao City. Earlier this year the Department of Environment and Natural Resources(DENR) and City Environment And Natural Environment Resources Office (CENRO) have entered into an agreement with GP Surigao to adopt 20 hectares of land in Sito Tinagbasingan where they will continue to plants seedlings as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program and its commitment to the Philippine Port Authority to plant 100,001 seedlings within its concession period.

Attended by Globalport Surigao employees and volunteers from CENRO, the activity was successfully executed despite the rough uphill t rail partnered by the inclement weather which posed as a great challenge to the participants. Despite the challenges, the group managed to plant a total of 1,600 Narra seedlings.

Globalport Agusan Holds Its First Mangrove Tree Planting Activity

In line with its commitment to the community and the environment, Globalport Agusan Terminal Inc. (GATI) spearheaded a Mangrove Tree Planting Activity in Sitio Lahi, Brgy. Sta. Ana, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte last March 17 , 2023. 51 participants, including PPA PMO Agusan personnel headed by PM Mildred J. Padilla and officers from DENR CENRO Nasipit. GP Agusan volunteers and employees planted a total of 700 Mangrove propagules at the event.

The mangrove planting initiative is aimed at helping reduce the area’s vulnerability to flash floods and coastal erosion while also creating a breeding ground for fish and sea creatures.

As Globalport Agusan Terminal Inc. moves forward, it is also working towards a greener future!

Globalport Matnog Adopts 1 Hectare Mangrove Land

On February 1, 2023 Globalport Matnog, in cooperation with the Municipality of Matnog & The Department of Environment & Resources CENRO in Matnog, adopted a 1 – hectare of mangrove land where mangrove tree seedlings will be planted as part of the company’s commitment to help protect and preserve the environment. Globalport Matnog has committed to plant 100 seedlings throughout the duration of its 15-year concession agreement with the Philippine Ports Authority. Located in Brgy. Genablan, Oriental, Matnog Sorsogo, the land was officially turned over to Globalport Matnog in a land adoption ceremony facilitated by DENR. Through this adoption, we will see and monitor the progress of the seedlings in the years to come. Globalport Matnog vows to conduct mangrove tree planting activities every quarter throughout the duration of its concession.